COVID-19 Update

Our highest priority continues to be the health and well-being of our team and customers.

We are closely following the CDC Guidelines for prevention found here

  • We continuously remind team members that the best strategy for fighting the spread of coronavirus is to regularly wash their hands in soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds each time.
  • We encourage all customers to utilize our online purchasing for a “contactless carwash.” Purchase washes online here
  • We require team members to wear face masks and gloves and encourage them to remain 6ft apart
  • We are limiting the interaction with the customer. Here are the additional precautions we have implemented:
    • Customers will swipe their own credit card at the pay station
    • Customers will insert cash and accept change without any interaction from the pay station attendant
    • Limit 1 customer inside our building at a time
  • The team disinfects high traffic surfaces such as pay station screens
  • We frequently and vigorously disinfect our offices and communication equipment.
  • Self-Service Vacuums have been closed in order to encourage social distancing and reduce the number of “high touch” areas at our wash

Why are we open?

  • Much like washing your hands regularly, washing your car’s exterior, door handles, and trunk are essential in removing virus from the surface. Without that cleaning process, the coronavirus is reported to remain on metal, glass, plastic, and other hard, non-porous surfaces for up to nine days. This poses a risk for all vehicle operators but especially shared vehicles like police, fire, ambulance, and ride-sharing (Uber/Lyft), as well as personal vehicles. Washing cars improves the public health through that cleaning process.
  • We will continue to monitor the CDC, as well as federal, state and local guidance on how best to respond and protect our team and customers. Thank you for your attention and patience during this rapidly changing time.

We use recycled water and give 48 hour
rain protection on our Platinum and Ultimate washes.